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"Sento at sixth and Main"

The Only remaining Japanese Public bathhouse intact in the U.S.

At the base of the Panama Hotel is the entrance to what was once the center of daily life in Nihonmachi, Japantown, one of the most thriving communities of its kind in the country. Of hundreds of such communal bathhouses in Japantowns across the country, this is the only one preserved in tact, in place. The bathhouse served generations of  Nesei (Japanese Americans) in the years before World War II. After work, after school, after dinner, after ball games immigrants came to soak at the Sento because life was hard, hot water was relaxing, bathing facilities were scarce and it was a traditional cultural activity.

The two pitted marble baths are still in the basement, along with rusty shower heads (that nobody used, even then), neatly numbered wooden lockers and hand painted signs advertising local businesses perfectly preserved. 

Paula Bock "Seattle Times"

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